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Feferi's Last Talk :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 0 1
Nazima by kataisweird Nazima :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 0 5 terezi x sollux by kataisweird terezi x sollux :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 14 58 San Japan Cosplay, Alois Trany by kataisweird
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San Japan Cosplay, Alois Trany :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 2 15
Submerged -Prolouge- Naruto PV
Right now it's really Softcore, but I expect it to grow a little bit.

Prolouge starts here.
                               I stood outside my small, lonely apartment complex. Today was the day I finally would see him again, I would get to be alone with the one person I had cared for in quite a while. I was going to ask him today, I had sworn to myself I would, that was... If he did end up coming back. He had lied so many times about it, I didn't know what to expect, but this morning I woke up with a feeling unlike any of the other days... I wish I could just tell him and get it over with so I would stop beating myself up about it days on end because I couldn't muster up the courage to tell him sooner. Hmph.
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 0 0
Character submission -Suspen-
Character Applications: Writer's Application
{Name} Suspender
{Age} 18
{Gender} Male
{Race} Demon.
{Height} 6"1
{Weight} 156 lbs.
{Appearance} Suspender Has Jet black hair. His skin is Darker than his sisters, and he has a small birthmark on his right thigh, which is only Visable when he's Bathing. He wears Long black pants and a Black pair of suspenders over a white Tuxedo shirt. The buckles on the end of the suspenders are Gold. His eyes are Ice blue. He has Larger ram horns on his head, and they're highly visable, and bright white. He wears small black framed glasses, and Black dress shoes
{Weapon} He uses a Scythe, That's black other than a Gold Smiley face toward the Base of the handle.
{Personality} He is outgoing, Strong, Mature, and uh... Huggable.
(Sorry, first word that came to mind when I thought of him...)
{Basic History}  Suspender is her Self proclaimed Protector, and lets no one interfere with any of her Affairs. He loves his sister, and he loves hitting o
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 0 0
My Demology App. -Overall-
Character Applications: Writer's Application
{Name} Overall-chan
(How she is Adressed, Usually Overall-chan.)
{Gender} Female.
{Race} Demon
{Height} 5'9
{Weight} 134 Lbs.
{Appearance} She has Aqua hair with the tips and roots frosted Neon Yellow. Her skin is Dark Red, with a small black Birthmark on her left thigh, Which is only visable after Transformation/ Weapon summon. She wears Overalls and a long Striped tank top Underneath it, To cover the rest of her body when she fights. Her eyes are Yellow toward her pupil and Aqua on the outside of her Cornea, fading into the normal white around it. She has small Ram horns on her head, That are White, and are usually hidden by her bangs. She wears normal black buckled heels.
{Weapon} She uses a  Aqua Bass Guitar and Yellow strings with a Large smiley face on the back.  
{Personality}She is Quiet, Fragile, Obedient and Strong.
{Basic History} She has been raised by her two loving parents until just rece
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 0 0
Mature content
1 -Beginnings- :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 0 0
Please help finish 2
"We still have to pick up julian!"
"then lets get Mcdonalds!" Rachel smiled, as I sped down the road toward the airport, staring back at my wig every now and again, intrested and confused. It Was Slowly Starting to rain, and the humidity was rising.
"Ahh!!! My Hair!" Raven screamed, waking up kacy. "Wh-What?" She questioned Lazily.
"Hold on!" I stopped, as we arrived very quickly at the airport.
"Lemme Go get Julian, I'll be right back." I stood, and run out, coming back with happy meals and A Brown haired boy on my Left Arm. "Sit in the back."
I ordered, as he nodded, and tossed his luggage in, along with his wigs. I hopped into the passenger seat, seeing how kacy had taken over the wheel.
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 1 0
Someone help finish.
Fucking A. Porn.

I screamed, as I honked on the horn. Rachel Panicked, as she ran out the door, holding a bag.
"THATS ALL YOUR BRINGING?! FOR THREE FUCKING DAYS?!" I shouted again, as I glared at her, stuffing into the backseat.
"Jaidyn.. Kindly calm the fuck down." Raven blinks, as she fixes her white hair in the backseat.
I sighed, Staring Rachel down for the next four minutes, and then turning to look Kacy, whom was asleep at the wheel.
"I'll drive us... I guess.." I cooed, moving into Kacy's seat and moving her into the passenger seat. "Alright, We've got everyone! ROLECALL!"
"Rachel Hernandez!" "Present!" she says from her corner in the far back.
"Raven Rocking Rampage!" "Accounted for!~" She cooed, tousling her hair.
"Kacy.. Is asleep..." I sighed, shaking my head.
"How much food did we bring?" I cocked my head. "Do we get to stop for breakfast? do we need too?"
"I've got a Cheeto!!" Raven flails her arm.
"I've got a na
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 1 4
If to be beautiful, is too be close to god, I'm as far as way as I Can be..
Why is it that even when we Cosplay, we are still ridiculed? If Not by eachother, by some other person, whom does not understand the ways we respect, and that, we believe we are beautiful?
Beauty Is.. Benine.
Beauty is Evil.
Beauty is not female.
Beauty is not me.

When are we allowed, To Live a life?
Free as a bird?
Free from those who call themselves Gods?
Free from those whom are the ones that ridicule.
God has other plans for us, I suppose. But, what are his plans for, Us?
The human Race?
"The meek shall inherit the Earth!"
When will that be?
When those whom over power us Finally understand?
The ways,
Our lives we have chosen to live end in a merceful death?
I here us Screaming at each other?
But when did that resolve things...
When did I become these names...
That one might be the worst.
The one that strikes me down when I finally just got back up.
But, When, Wh
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 2 0
Song from 6th grade.unfinished
No Matter, I'll finish This sooner rather than later. So here's A Song I wrote in sixth grade..
Boys.. Their all the same
No matter how many times they call,
they barely remember your name...
The Friends they reassure you and tell you its all right..
You know there's only tears and a single fight..
How do I stop the madness?
Well, I say, Bring up the sun, Make up some fun,
Jump and play your sorrow away,
Kill the time, Follow me, Together we'll just be happy,
Boy.. It's just You and Me..
Just you and Me..
Can't Fight with you Any More...
One more shouted word and I march out the front door
:iconkataisweird:kataisweird 1 0
Me. 8th Grade. 2010. by kataisweird Me. 8th Grade. 2010. :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 1 17
Mature content
Emo Bitches. Click. Please. :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 5 62
Mature content
Ouch. My Hand. :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 2 3
Mature content
MelloXMina :iconkataisweird:kataisweird 1 24




Jaidyn Fowler
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Texas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Smalls..
Print preference: I dont know these...
Favourite genre of music: I dont listen to music often.
Favourite photographer: Um, i don't know any Famous Photographers..
Favourite style of art: Any!
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch, so much easier
Shell of choice: A Sea shell, that used to belong to an oyster
Skin of choice: Metal skin
Favourite cartoon character: Courage the Cowardly dog or Bellossom from The PPG
Personal Quote: Once a Dream always a dream.
Like for real, Who the fuck is watching me?
Doesn't matter, I'm changing accounts.
I'll message you the new name if you really want it. It's going to be photography and Cosplay photos, of my friends. I've given up on most of my cosplay aspirations, so I rather take pictures. <3
You need it, message this account and I'll redirect you.
Thanks! <3
  • Listening to: The silly little sounds we make
  • Reading: His letters and a few fanfictions
  • Watching: Blood circulate through my body
  • Playing: With my Nikon
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Orange Juice



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